The Hottest Trend For Your Eyeballs: Gothika Lenses

Halloween Contact LensesThere’s a trend that is raging within the under thirty crowd, and you can see it in their eyes.  Literally. The trend is theatrical contact lenses from Gothika.

Yes, these lenses are awesome for Halloween or any other special occasions where you may want to achieve a different look from head to toe–eyeballs included.  But, more and more fashionistas in their teens and twenties are sporting these lenses out and about as part of their daily look.

So, what do you need to know about this hot and slightly funky trend for your eyes?  Here are some frequently asked questions!

What look options are available in Gothika lenses?

Gothika has a huge assortment of contact lens looks.  These lenses can make your pupils look all white, red, or any variation of zombie, scary monster, or hellraiser you may be interested in.  Gothika also carries some tamer looking lenses like cat eyes, elf eyes, and funky black and white patterned lenses.  Most of these contacts you need to see to get the full effect, so click here for a full catalog of what’s available.

I’ve seen these lenses for sale at retail stores, can I just buy them anywhere?

Never buy any contact lenses any where that a valid contact lens prescription is not required and never buy contact lenses without having them properly fitted by an optometrist first.  Contact lenses aren’t toys, they are licensed medical devices that you are putting into your eyes.  Even if it initially looks like you could save a few dollars buying lenses outside of your optometrist’s office, know that it’s an extremely dangerous proposition.  No fashion look or “bargain” is worth risking your vision over!

Do I have to have a prescription to get these lenses?

No, in fact, Gothika lenses come in a plano –that is they come without a prescription — as well as many prescription strengths.  But, you’ll still need to see an optometrist to have them fitted properly for the shape, size, and curvature of your eye.

My friend has a cool pair of lenses too, can we share lenses as long as we clean them first?

Absolutely not!  Contact lenses are much more personal of an item even than your toothbrush (which I hope you wouldn’t share either!).  Bacteria and organisms that attach to shared contact lenses could cause serious damage to your eyes — even blindness.  Plus, every person’s eye ball is different. Even if you were very careful with your cleaning, wearing lenses that were not designed to fit you could scratch your cornea or worse.

Gothika contact lenses or Halloween contact lenses can be a fun way to amp up your look this fall. But we of course want you to do so safely! Have more questions about Gothika lenses?  Ask your optometrist at your closest Eyeglass World store!

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