Four Frames You Need in Your Wardrobe

must-have-framesYou don’t wear the same shoes every day.  You don’t wear the same earrings every day.  You certainly wouldn’t wear the same clothes every day.  Why, oh, why, would you wear the same exact pair of glasses every single day?

Just like you wouldn’t expect your workout sneakers to match your designer suit, how can you expect your super-serious, wear to work glasses to go with that little red mini dress?  Let’s face facts. Your wardrobe needs more than one glasses option!

My suggestion is have one pair of glasses for each of these four categories:

A Serious Pair

If you are going to wear glasses you might as well take full advantage of the fact that they can make you look smarter and can communicate to the world, “Hey take me seriously!”  Every girl needs a serious pair of glasses.  Your serious can be a metal or plastic frame.  I think that either material can communicate that you are a woman of substance.  Here are two of my favorites.  These are by 7 For All Mankind and DKNY.

7 For All Mankind 729 Glasses

DKNY 4607

A Dressy Pair

Every girl has her pretty days.  You know, those mornings when you look at your closet and say, “I choose a skirt because I just don’t feel like wearing jeans again.”  A pretty pair of glasses should be delicate maybe featuring some jewels or some metal.  They should have some fancy detailing on the temples or a fancy appliqué above the lens. Here are some by Daisy Fuentes and Vogue.

Daisy Fuentes Peace 404 Glasses

Vogue Glasses

A Fun & Funky Pair

Girls just want to have fun, right? So a wild animal print, or color combination is exactly what your glasses will need to have for occasions such as this. Check out a few of my favorites by Cover Girl Eyewear, DKNY, and Guess.

CoverGirl 427 Glasses

DKNY 4620 B Glasses

Guess 2203 Glasses


Sometimes you just your glasses to be invisible.  Maybe you want people to not notice that you are wearing glasses or it’s hot outside and you want something light.  In this case, you want a light, rimless or semi-rimless frame that will almost be invisible like this frame from Vanish.

Vanish 207 Glasses

Don’t worry. Four pairs (plus a hot pair of sunglasses!) won’t cost your life savings at Eyeglass World. In fact, you can get two pairs of glasses for one low price.  Check out the full selection of frames for every occasion at your closest store or online.

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