How a Growth Spurt Affects Your Child’s Vision

A Growth Spurt Affects Vision What you may not realize is that a growth spurt affects your child’s vision in significant ways. If your child is growing taller, than you can expect that their

Four Women’s Frames for Fall from Eyeglass World

Spring-cleaning has made a name for itself, but there’s no time like the fall to find a fresh start. One habit I’ve created over the past several decades is to designate fall as my

What can happen when you’re staring at your phone all the time?

Have you ever watched someone sit and stare at their phone? I’ll admit, most of the time I’m too busy staring at my own phone to observe anyone else doing the same. Last night

How do I fix my glasses if they fall apart?

Even the highest quality eyeglass frames can fall apart every now and then. Loose screws, bent arm pieces, or a popped-out lens can happen to anyone, anywhere. Accidents happen, as they say. So what do

Favorite Men’s Eyeglass Frames for Fall

Gentlemen! You will love Eyeglass World’s selection of brand new fashion eyeglass frames for Fall. If it’s been a while since you’ve had your eyes checked, or if you are just in need of

Transitions Drivewear Polarized Lenses: Transform Your Driving Experience

I always wear sunglasses when I drive. Except when I forget them on the kitchen table. There’s nothing more painful than driving straight into the rising sun and squinting through regular glasses. The bright light is

Save Money With HSA Funds on Eyeglasses & Exams

Does your workplace offer an HSA (Health Spending Account)? Did you know that you can use your HSA funds towards eyeglasses and eye exams? Want to know more? Here’s how to use your HSA funds

The Newest Trend: Round Sunglasses

Newest Fashion Trend Celebrities love their sunglasses, don’t they? Do they think they’re really hiding behind those shades? I’m not sure. I do know that Hollywood starlets tend to set the fashion trends, and

Keeping It Clean: Celebrate Contact Lens Health Week

This week, Eyeglass World is celebrating Contact Lens Health Week along with the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia! Contact lenses are one of the most amazing innovations of the 20th century–a convenience

The Difference Between Kid’s & Adult Glasses Measurements

How eyeglass sizing works Did you know that eyeglasses come in a variety of sizes? Men’s and women’s eyeglasses only vary a little in size, but there’s a larger discrepancy between kid’s and adult glasses