Keeping It Clean: Celebrate Contact Lens Health Week

This week, Eyeglass World is celebrating Contact Lens Health Week along with the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia! Contact lenses are one of the most amazing innovations of the 20th century–a convenience

The Difference Between Kid’s & Adult Glasses Measurements

How eyeglass sizing works Did you know that eyeglasses come in a variety of sizes? Men’s and women’s eyeglasses only vary a little in size, but there’s a larger discrepancy between kid’s and adult glasses

Link Between Vision Problems and ADHD

Watching for Signs When my five-year-old daughter started learning to read this year, she couldn’t sit still. After a few weeks of this behavior, I wondered if she might have some sort of learning disorder,

Eyeglass World Announces Opening of 100th Store in Lemon Grove, CA

Eyeglass World, one of the nation’s top full service optical stores, announced the grand opening of their 100th location. The newest store, located in Lemon Grove, California, features all the great designer eyeglass frame

Men’s Sunglasses for Summer

Did you know that your sunglasses are your most important line of defense against the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays? If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your sunglass look, that may

Oakley Has Arrived at Eyeglass World!

Oakley Has Arrived! Eyeglass World is excited to announce that we now have Oakley eyeglass and sunglasses frames available in each of our stores across the U.S.! There a thousand different sunglasses you can

Digital High-Definition Lenses Will Change the Way You See

It amazes me how a high-definition television provides such a clear, sharp picture. I can hardly believe the quality difference when I look at the picture on an old, standard definition television. I used

What is Astigmatism?

My daughter’s best friend now wears glasses. When I asked her mother why she had decided to get her daughter glasses, she replied that she was slightly far-sighted but had a significant astigmatism. Then

Differences Between Metal and Plastic Frames

One of the first questions your optician (AKA: personal eyeglass stylist) will ask you is whether you prefer a metal or plastic frame. How do you know which you prefer? Especially if you’ve never worn

New Eyeglasses Block Facial Recognition

Privacy Concerns Are you worried about your privacy? If you use social media, do you worry about your photo showing up somewhere you don’t want it? If these thoughts have crossed your mind, please