Passion for Purple

Purple came back onto the fashion scene–big– about 2 years ago. But, it hasn’t gone away.  In fact, purple is one of the hottest colors for the Fall.  And, it just so happens to be a color I love.

What’s “In” Right Now?

Trendsetters and hue experts are calling two of the hottest purples this season acai purple (named after the acai berry so it’s a very deep shade of purple) and regal purple which is more of a jewel-toned blend.

If you look better in cool colors (and have a blue undertone to your skin) – then you’ll want to stick with the richest, darker and more intense combinations.  If you tend to look better in warmer tones (and have a yellow undertone to your skin) – then look for lighter shades with less red in them.

How Do I Use All This Purple?

Purple also looks fantastic with one of the season’s other hottest colors: gray!  In fact, you’ll see gray and purple combinations in blouses and dresses all over.  You’ll also notice an increase in purple and plum toned cosmetics.  Great eye shadow shades, purple tinted liners, and purple nail polish are on the top of everyone’s fall must-have list.

If you are also a fan of this great color – then you may be interested in the fact that there are literally dozens of designer eyeglass frames featuring the color purple at Eyeglass World.  Most of these frames are hot, stylish and very grown-up!

No, instead these purple glasses are the essence of sophistication and class.  Or, in some cases, they are trendy enough for those who are always on the cutting edge of style.  Here are a few of my favorites for you to consider.

If you aren’t sure about having the color purple around your eyes, then try a frame like one of these that uses purple as an accent color inside the temples and eyes.

Commotion Brazen Glasses in Brown an d PurplePurple glasses from Dereon.

Ready to flash your wild, purple, style? This gorgeous frame from LA INK has your name tattooed all over it.

LA-INK Purple Eyeglasses

If pretty purple is where you’d rather land, then look at this frame from Daisy Fuentes.  Complete with a heart on temples, this frame may embrace your inner child.

Purple glasses from Daisy Fuentes

Whatever your preferred look and shade, Eyeglass World has you covered in purple this Fall. Check out the full selection by clicking here.

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