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Transitions Drivewear Polarized Lenses: Transform Your Driving Experience

I always wear sunglasses when I drive. Except when I forget them on the kitchen table. There’s nothing more painful than driving straight into the rising sun and squinting through regular glasses. The bright light is

The Newest Trend: Round Sunglasses

Newest Fashion Trend Celebrities love their sunglasses, don’t they? Do they think they’re really hiding behind those shades? I’m not sure. I do know that Hollywood starlets tend to set the fashion trends, and

Men’s Sunglasses for Summer

Did you know that your sunglasses are your most important line of defense against the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays? If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your sunglass look, that may

Summer Tip: Why You Can’t Read Your Tablet with Polarized Glasses

Pack your cutest swimsuit, cover-up and the new pair of sunglasses you bought for your first summer beach trip. Now grab your tablet and you can catch up on all your reading as summer begins.

Faux Fur is the New Statement Necklace

Hot Trend for Winter: Faux Fur One of the hottest trends for the winter season this year is faux fur. All the hottest coats are furry and fabulous! Some experts say that fur is

Why Do Sunglasses Instantly Make A Girl Fabulous?

It was potentially the cutest Facebook post ever. My friend’s barely eighteen month old daughter instantly displaying an air of fashion attitude after putting on her mother’s designer sunglasses. The photo was captioned, “Sunglasses

4 Gorgeous Vera Bradley Sunglasses for Spring

Spring is in the air for parts of the country.  Finally, it feels like we can put away those winter coats and start donning the vibrant colors of the next season! It seems like

The Glamorous Sunglass Look You Need This Season: Two of My Favorites!

From the fashion runways to the ski slopes…from the world’s prettiest beaches to the latest L.A. patio lunch spots…you’ll see a gorgeous trend in sunglasses. The look: large, over-sized, retro redefined frames with a

Sunwear You Need for the Slopes

I love going skiing.  No, not because I love the rush of heading down a mountain at lightening speed with nothing to stop me. I actually hate that part.  No, what I love is

August’s Must Have: Tory Burch Sunglasses

What do Hilary Swank, Oprah, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez and Reece Witherspoon all have in common? (Okay, aside from the fact that they are all successful and wealthy ladies…) They all wear Tory Burch.