World Sight Day: Ways Your Eyesight Makes Life Better

World Sight Day 2017World Sight Day is an annual day of awareness held on Thursday, October 12th is to focus global attention on avoidable blindness and vision impairment. Approximately 285 million people around the globe live with low vision and blindness. Among this group, 39 million people are completely blind. Observing World Sight Day gives organizations the opportunity to heighten awareness surrounding the issues of blindness prevention and interventions.

Observing this special day also gives those of us who can see well a chance to celebrate the miracle that is sight. Have you ever stopped to think about just how amazing clear vision is?

Here are a few ways that eyesight makes life better

Enjoying a Great Book – by yourself, or with someone else!

Sure, we could just listen to books on Audible, but absent our sense of sight, reading is not possible. No more getting lost in a good book. Beyond that, no more reading signs as you drive (Hello! No driving, period.) No reading the mail. No, reading the menu at restaurants. No spotting the “Clearance Rack” sign at your favorite store and then reading all the price tags to find the best deals. Reading is such a part of our daily lives, but we take for granted how integral good vision is to performing this task.

There’s another kind of reading made possible by the gift of sight-that’s reading other people. I, for one, am thrilled to have my vision so that I can see non-verbal cues. It’s my eyesight that helps me discern situations—like when my child’s getting tired and ready for bed or when my husband’s trapped in a conversation at a party that he needs some help escaping!

Examining Beauty

Think of all the beautiful colors and magnificent sights we can see thanks to our hardworking eyes. The white capped peaks of gray mountains as they pierce the blue Colorado sky, the turquoise blue water of the Caribbean splashing against the golden sand, the lush green grass of a golf course, or the beauty of a rainbow that appears right after a storm. Our eyes allow us to awe over the spectacle of nature.

Art Appreciation

Thanks to our eyes, we can also appreciate fine art. The beauty of the portrait of someone we love, or the intricacies of a piece of art hanging in a gallery. We can thank our eyes for the ability to take in a masterpiece.

If you weren’t thankful for your vision already, hopefully this list will remind you how awesome the gift of sight truly is and how important it is to take care of our eyes so we can keep the gift forever.

If you feel like your vision is changing and you’re having trouble seeing day-to-day, we encourage you to schedule an exam at your local Eyeglass World.