What’s in My Bag | Fall Edition from Eyeglass World

what's in my bag fall edition from eyeglass world

Everything changes during the different seasons – your clothing, your home decor and even the necessities you carry in your bag. For most, the items in your purse or bag are the things you can’t live without! Fall feels like a great time for a fresh start, especially when it comes to those necessities.

“What’s in My Bag” is a new blog series from Eyeglass World where we’ll be posting our exactly that…what’s in our bag for every new season. Here’s our very first What’s in My Bag – Fall Edition from Eyeglass World!

Here are our top 10 things in our bag this season.

  1. Shades of blue are really big for the fall season so we couldn’t live without the DKNY 4677 frames. They’re the perfect blend of cool, calm and collected.
    Women's Eyeglasses DKNY 4677 in blue
  2. Fuchsia colored lip stick is the best color for when you’re on the go. It can pull an entire look together!
  3. Midnight blue nail polish to take care of any chipped nails or to add a cool design while out and about.
  4. Sunglasses case to carry your favorite pair of fall shades so you’re always protecting your eyes from UV rays.
  5. Face toner to combat the dry weather and keep skin feeling refreshed and moisturized.
  6. An apple for the day to keep the doctor away.
  7. Pair of headphones to listen to a favorite sci-fi podcast.
  8. Contact case for emergencies, especially when fall allergies start kicking in.
  9. Mini notebook and a favorite pen to take notes, draw and jot down any random thoughts during the day.
  10. Bobby pins to control flyaways.

what's in our bag fall edition from eyeglass world

Look for our next What’s in My Bag? Winter Edition from Eyeglass World in just a few weeks!