‘Tis the Season to Ring in the Bling!

Searching for a way to make your holiday wardrobe more festive? Then you MUST get on board with one of the hottest and flashiest trends of the season: embellishments!

Costume gems are increasing the fanciness factor of everything from sweaters to socks to blue jeans. Sparkling rhinestones, faux rubies, and oversized emerald jewels can add an element of glamour and sophistication to even the simplest of garments.

This morning, I saw the sweetest little black dress, simple and classic, turned into a fabulous holiday dress just by adding pearls and diamonds to the neckline. I also noticed a solid-colored shirt with so much bling on it that it looked like armor! Last weekend, I picked up a sweatshirt at a department store that I never would have looked at twice if it hadn’t been for the lovely gemstones sewn into the collar. It looked perfect to wear with some black leather pants for a night on the town.

Need a cute trick to add a bit of blong to an otherwise plain outfit? Try some sparkly shoes. A cute pair of gold glitter pumps or embellished high-heel sandals can take a plain black jumpsuit and turn it into the perfect festive outfit for that New Year’s party.

The great thing about the embellished look is that it minimizes your need to accessorize with additional jewelry. Simple studs will pair well with most embellished looks. But if you need a little extra something up top to enhance your bling, or if you want to liven up a plain outfit, a pair of fashion eyeglasses with a little extra sparkle would be perfect! Check out this pair that has some subtle sparkle on the temples:

Rampage 169 in Plum

Rampage 169 in Plum (Click to shop)

So no matter what you’re rocking, don’t forget to include your glasses in your bling-out.