The Right Glasses for One of Spring’s Hottest Trends: Oversized Shirts!

If you haven’t noticed, ladies shirts just keep getting larger…again! If you were not a fan of the mid-drift exposing, belly tops of last decade then you’ll be excited to know that this season, the hottest styles are back to the full-blown, oversized versions of shirts and tees that some of us sported in the early nineties.

I love how forgiving and comfortable oversized shirts can be! This season you can find oversized button-down dress shirts and oversized graphic tees. You’ll want to pair them with skinny jeans, leggings, or even a pencil skirt. Don’t go oversized on the bottom or you’ll look frumpy.

Another key to wearing an oversized shirt well is to accessorize so attention goes up, and not down. Most women don’t want the main focus of their outfit to be at the spot where the shirt ends and their bottoms begin — which is about mid-thigh.

The best way to do this is to choose big, bold and bright accessories that draw attention to your neckline and face. You can do this through a great statement necklace, yes. But, my favorite way to bring attention high is through a great pair of statement eyeglasses.

Big frames are a hot trend this year, but I personally think it’s a more modern look to pair an oversized shirt with a bright frame that is large enough but not extra large in size. Bright, colorful eyeglass frames — duotone colors or patterns — can be paired with solid colored tees or that great silky dress, button-down blouse.

Frames I Think Work Well

I like frames like this one, by Daisy Fuentes, to add a pop of color and draw attention upwards. The burgundy color is different enough to stand out from the crowd!
Daisy Fuentes Cecilia Glasses

This frame by Lucky would also be a winner if you are looking for a pair of designer eyeglasses that will go great with your trendiest shirt! They’ll look modern and stylish without screaming, “I’m trying too hard!”

Lucky High Noon Glasses

Of course, my favorite frame of this season is this gorgeous berry-colored fashion frame from Vera Bradley. I love the bold pattern on the temples. This would be the perfect accessory for a cool oversized white button down with some hot pink skinny jeans or some berry colored leggings.

Vera Bradley Paisley Women's Eyeglasses

Check out the full selection of dynamic fashion eyeglass frames at bargain prices at and find the right pairs to accessorize your oversized shirts this season!