Spring’s Hottest Color Palette: Inspired by Nature

pastel fashion trendsAs I strolled through my city’s most fashion forward mall, I noticed one thing in particular about the spring styles in every window: The colors were muted. At the first store I wondered if maybe they just hadn’t finished accessorizing the mannequins. The lack of dramatic color almost surprised me after the last few years of seeing the 1980s repeat themselves with flashy patterns and even neon colors.

So, I decided to do some research. And, according to one fashion expert I read, this season’s color trend is a response to our busy, technology-filled lives. It is intentionally not bright. The palette emphasizes tones that are found in nature and are easy to process. The tones for the season are intended to give our over-stimulated eyes a bit of a respite from computer-generated colors.

That’s not to say that all of the colors this season are pale, but most are more muted versions of anything we’ve seen in recent seasons. The brights are much more subtle, while pastels and neutral beiges and ivories inch bright whites off the shelves. One other designer used the word “quiet” to describe this Spring’s pantone palette. That’s probably the perfect word for it.

The nice thing about pale tones is they are often cooler to wear–bright colors and black soak in the sun making them less comfortable in the summer months. Where as a pale blue or muted gray won’t have the same tendency to draw in and capture the heat.

The biggest challenge with a pale palette is finding colors that don’t wash you out. For some, pale tones, like pale pink or light gray, look great. But, for others, neutrals can make them look washed out.

If you are like me, in the latter category, pair your neutrals strategically. Find truer versions of the color you want to wear and use those tones around your face, while not being afraid to go with very neutral tones on the bottom, including your shoes.

As far as glasses go, I see tortoise shell getting yet another go round as a popular lens’ frame type. Its versatility will pair nicely with neutral tones. Your geek chic black frames or brightly colored duo-tone frames may pair well with some looks but may be too bold for some of the Spring’s muted ensembles. You may also want to consider a semi-rimless or metal frame that would accent your wardrobe with a more natural look and neutral tones.

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