A Guide to Eyeglass World’s Social Media Accounts

Do you spend your evenings browsing social media? Do Instagram and Twitter capture more of your free time than you’d care to admit? Us too! So, let’s be friends.

Facebook social media logoEyeglass World’s Facebook

We share more of these informative blog posts, news about exciting frame line launches, and updates on the latest brand names and fashion frame trends. You’ll want to follow our page to keep up with all the greatest news from the designer eyeglass world. Be sure to check your Facebook settings so you always see our updates and don’t miss out on any new brand launches! You can also share the frames you love with your friends. That’s what social media is all about, right?

Twitter social media logoEyeglass World’s Twitter

We tweet about fashion frames and trends here too. If Twitter’s more your style, follow Eyeglass World and let’s start a conversation about which styles you love and which trends you wish would disappear.

Instagram social media logoEyeglass World’s Instagram

Eyeglass World is the Instagram account to follow if you want to see pictures of the latest frames and some of our customers wearing them. No filter necessary! (Though, let’s admit it, photos always look better with a fun filter.) We’ll also post photos of glamorous new frames when they come into our stores. They will be #gorgeous #designer frames that are also #affordable! You’ll be tweeting #wantthis and #ahhhmazing once you see them. Trust me.

(Like the one in the photo from our Instagram page below. It’s an Oakley frame that you can find at Eyeglass World. Plus you can get them with prescription authentic Oakley lenses! These frames totally deserves a double tap (or two!))

Oakley post on Instagram social media

Of course, what’s even more fun than seeing the newest fashion frames is seeing photos of you—Eyeglass World customers—wearing these designer styles! If you have a photo of yourself or your child wearing one of our frames, please show us! Post the photo on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with a hashtag #EyeglassWorld. We’d love to see your picture in our feed!

Get online and get connected to Eyeglass World on whichever social media channels you love to use the most. We’ll look forward to meeting you there!