Eyeglass World Color Story: Shell of a Tortoise

color story in tortoise

Tortoise shell frames are one of the biggest eyeglass trends this season. Although, in my opinion, I don’t think the warm and stylish look of tortoise shell ever goes out of style.

Tortoise shell first hit the scene in the 1950s when eyeglass frames were actually made of the shells of real tortoises. Of course, now they’re made of moldable synthetic plastics but because the material is engineered, the color and shade possibilities are virtually endless.

Here are some of the best tortoiseshell looks in frames for women and men in Eyeglass World stores right now.

Tortoise Shell Frames for Women

Lucky D202

Slim and gorgeous, you’ll love this vibrant frame from Lucky. The soft rounded lenses will look great on more angular or oval shaped faces. This golden shade of tortoise is sure to brighten up your face. It’s a real attention getter…in a good way!

Lucky Women's Glasses D202

DKNY 4677

Looking for a more serious tortoise shell look? These strikingly smart frames from DKNY will perfectly polish up your at work style. Everyone will know you mean business in this sophisticated and classic tortoise look.

Women's Glasses DKNY 4677

Pepe Jeans 3279

Looking for tortoise shell frames with a modern sassy sophistication? Then look no further than this glamorous cat-eye tortoise shell beauty from Pepe Jeans. I love the contrasting blue color inside the arm pieces. They’re feminine, yet a little feisty. These are a must have!

Women's Pepe Jeans 3279 Glasses

Tortoise Shell Frames For Men  

Heartland Alex

With its vintage inspired style, guys will look great in this cool, rectangular light colored tortoise shell frame. It’s lightweight and comfortable, but still serious and full of style. This is the perfect neutral frame for the office or golf course.

Heartland Alex Men's Glasses

Heartland 3210

So you’re more of a traditionalist, eh? Then look no further than this dark tortoise men’s frame from Heartland. The masculine, square shape will look great on most men, while the hint of gold in the tortoise design lightens up the look. This frame exudes style. Serious style.

Men's Heartland 3210

Mimic 7021

Inspired by tortoise shell frames of another era, this modern horn-rimmed look is both trendy and timeless. If you’re in the market for an ultra-modern and unique tortoise shell men’s frame, then this could be your next pair of eyeglasses.

Mimic 7021 Men's Glasses

Check out the full selection of tortoise shell frames at your nearest Eyeglass World.