September Best Sellers from Eyeglass World

Minimalistic styles and bold specs were a class favorite for September! Check out the styles that made our September Best Sellers list for men and women:

Women’s September Best Sellers

Legacy Lane 33

Specs with a splash of sass, these frames by Legacy Lane are a perfect combination of sugar and spice. With a flattering square shape that accentuates the eyes, and a slender plastic build that’s sleek and sophisticated, they were made for the chic city chick.

Women's Legacy Lane 33 Eyeglasses

Legacy Lane 36

Classic style with cool character. These Legacy Lane frames offer a chic, sporty look with their slender plastic build and full, round square shape. A basic black shade is complemented with a grass green lining, for a splash of color.

Pair with everyday basics for an easy, breezy look.

Women's Legacy Lane 36 Eyeglasses

Legacy Lane 34

Slip on a pair of slyly seductive specs. These slender beauties are clean, simple, and gorgeously chic, with their lovely curves, streamlined design, and basic black finish. A touch of shine does wonders for a polished look, while a lifted square shape is flatteringly feminine.

Pair with skinnies and a silk blouse to make the most of these flawless frames.

Women's Legacy Lane 34 Eyeglasses

Legacy Lane 35

Outrageous style in the blink of an eye! These Legacy Lane frames will stop everyone in their tracks, with their bold, flirtatious shade and kaleidoscope-colored arms. A durable plastic build and rounded square shape adds a casual kind of cool, letting these playful specs be an easy accessory.

Pair with boyfriend jeans and a cute tee for a downtown look that’s as effortless as you are.

Women's Legacy Lane 35 Eyeglasses

Men’s September Best Sellers

Agility 30

Clean, simple, and minimalistic, these everyday frames by Agility are the only pair you’ll need this season. With their slender plastic build and sleek, streamlined design, they beautifully suit any occasion. A dark grey finish exudes a bit of bold style, while a soft square shape only adds to their unending versatility.

Pair with anything from jeans and a tee to a sharp business suit – these specs are a perfect fit.

Men's Agility 30 gray glasses

Agility 32

Spice up your serious side. These bold specs were made for the ambitious intellectual, with their large square shape and effective plastic build. Designed for a more mature look, their sense of traditionalism is offset with a fiery golden tortoise shade, for a bit of modern edge.

Pair with rolled-up khakis and a loose blazer for a brash, beatnik look.

Men's Agility 32 tortoise eyeglasses

Agility 33

Everyday eyewear with the right splash of color, these frames by Agility are just what you’re looking for in a simple pair of specs. A slender plastic build and soft square shape is versatile and well-balanced, perfectly suiting any face type, while a black matte finish and violet-blue arms add a lovely dark hue.

Pair with jeans for a casual look that’s spontaneously sporty.

Men's Agility 33 Black and Blue Eyeglasses

Agility 37

Set your sights on a sophisticated pair of specs. These lovely frames by Agility combine professional polish with casual chic, with their slight plastic build and versatile black and crystal shade. A slender but well-balanced rectangular shape exudes office elegance while suiting most face shapes, and a matte finish and streamlined design only adds to its clean, simple style.

Pair with a rolled-up blazer and jeans for an effortless easy-going look.

 Men's Agility 37 black and crystal glasses


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