A Dynamic Accessories Combination: Scarves and Glasses


Scarves are still one of the hottest accessories you can own this winter. The cool and versatile look of the infinity scarf can add a little pop of color or pattern to just about any outfit, not to mention adding a bit of warmth for a mid-winter’s day!

What you may not have considered though is that, for the woman who wears glasses, a scarf is the perfect fashion accessory to pair with that great designer eyeglass frame!

Match a scarf with great earrings and, well, you have competing interests. All the focus is right on our neck area, and that’s not well balanced look. A scarf with a necklace? Well, that’s a waste, too. But, when you pair a scarf around your neck and a great pair of glasses on your face, you create a stylish combination that keeps people looking at your face first and second at what’s on your neck and the outfit it accents.

When pairing a scarf with great glasses, I recommend that you consider keeping both in the same color temperature family. Match a cool-toned scarf with some cool-toned or black glasses frames. For example: a great black scarf would look dynamic with a wine colored frame like this one from Mimic:

Mimic 5001 Wine

Mimic 5001 in Wine


If you have a gold- or warm-toned scarf, then pair it with a great tortoise or warmer toned (orange or gold, perhaps) fashion frame. A gorgeous, tight-knit, beige infinity loop scarf would look so pretty with a fashion pair of eyeglasses like this pair from Daisy Fuentes:

Daisy Fuentes Rosie Gold Leopard

Daisy Fuentes Rosie in Gold Leopard


Another thing to consider is the heaviness of your scarf and glasses. A really think knit, heavy scarf may look better with a chunky or heavy brow line glasses frame than a thin metal or rimless frame, whereas, if you have chosen to wear a delicate silk scarf, one that’s feminine and small, then a really thick and colorful plastic eyeglass frame may not look as good with that scarf as, say, a pretty, semi-rimless, metal frame with a gorgeous design on the earpieces.

If you are looking for an easy rule of thumb, think about it this way: If your scarf look is comfy, warm and cozy, choose glasses that communicate comfort as well. If your scarf look is pretty, delicate, or even professional, then choose a name brand eyeglass frame that screams those same qualities.

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