Same Frame in Two Different Colors: Fashion Do or Fashion Don’t?

Have you ever found a pair of jeans where you just loved the way they fit? Or, maybe you’ve found a cute top or sweater that was cut in such a flattering way you knew just one wasn’t enough. The question I want to pose for you today is: Is it okay to buy two of the same items in different colors?

At first blush, one might simply respond with a, “Why?” Some may find it dull to have multiple colors of the same item in their wardrobes.

But, I disagree. Strongly, disagree in fact.

When I find a dress, a pair of shoes, a necklace even that fits me well, I treasure it! I think I’m pretty particular about what I wear. So, if there is an opportunity for me to purchase an item I really like in more than one color or pattern. I’m all for it!

I think this rule applies to eyeglasses!

If you find a pair of eyeglasses that are comfortable and a great shape for your face, then why not own that pair in two different colors? Many frames come in three or four colors even. Why would you limit yourself to only the black or the tortoise pair?

Do you only have one t-shirt? What about one pair of heels? Chances are, the answer’s a “no.” That’s because you need versatility with these items. You need to be able to interchange them with other pieces of your wardrobe without too much thought.

The same rule applies to eyeglasses. You need to be able to easily grab your red pair for a fun night out and the black version of the same frame for your business meeting the next morning.

There’s no sense in reinventing the wheel. Stick with a good thing and stock up!

The great thing that eyeglass manufacturers sometimes do when they create different colored versions of their frames is they incorporate different patterns or accents on the temples. In other words – you could have two pairs of eyeglasses that are technically the exact same frame yet they look absolutely nothing alike. This is what I call a fashion win-win.

Here are just a few of my favorite pairs of glasses that come in two or more colors.

Project Runway 109 comes in both chocolate and plum:

Project Runway Women's Brown Eyeglasses
Project Runway Women's Plum Eyeglasses

Dereon 501 comes in brown or black and two shades of purple:

Women's Dereon Brown Eyeglasses
Dereon Women's Purple Eyeglasses
Remember when you shop at Eyeglass World you always get two great designer frames for one low price. So, there’s no need to stress out over finding the one color and the one style that suits you. You can go home with both!