The Newest Trend: Round Sunglasses

Newest Fashion Trend

Celebrities love their sunglasses, don’t they? Do they think they’re really hiding behind those shades? I’m not sure. I do know that Hollywood starlets tend to set the fashion trends, and sunglasses are no exception. What’s the trend they’re going for this year? It may surprise you. The trend? Oversized round sunglasses.

According to a recent story in People, some of the hottest celebs have traded in their oversized 1980s throwback shades in favor of some really round specs for the sun. Make no mistake, these aren’t the feeble, metal round frames that our founding fathers made popular. These new round frames are thick, bold and large.

The New Look

Beyoncé and Kate Beckinsale are just two of the big names that have opted for the John Lennon look. I’ve seen some styles that feature a thick rim of tortoise the whole way around the circular lens. Others feature a thick white or colored rim.

The resurgence of the 1970s look round eyeglass frame accompanies a revisit of 1970s fashion as well. Bohemian style blouses, long flowered dresses, wide ankles jeans—if you walk into a boutique, you’ll see that they’re all having a fashion revival.

If you are interested in getting this cool celebrity look, look no further than your closest Eyeglass World. Check out this tortoise shell round eyeglass frame from 7 For All Mankind:

Eyeglass World 7 For All Mankind 753 Frames

Or these round sunglasses from Ray-Ban®:

Round Sunglasses Ray Ban 2180

Of course, you could order either of these frames with sunglass lenses, if you were hoping for some new round sun blockers. Just make sure that the round shape of the lens is large enough to completely cover your eye. If the lens is too small, you may not get the full sun protection you need.

Another fashion tip: round glasses may not be for everyone. If you have round face shape, these trend may not be the right look for you. Round glasses tend to get swallowed up by a round face, accentuating its roundness. Also, some with heart shaped faces may not like the way this glasses looks on either.

Don’t despair. If round glasses are not your look, then check out the full selection of name brand, stylish and affordable sunglasses–in a variety of shapes–at an Eyeglass World near you.