Four Reasons Why We Recommend Polycarbonate Lenses

Whether you’re nearsighted or farsighted, correcting astigmatism or just trying to keep the sun out of your eyes, one type of lens materials Eyeglass World always recommends is polycarbonate.

recommend polycarbonate lenses for kids
1. Unbeatable Durability

Unlike glass lenses of old or the even plastic lenses that have been popular for decades, polycarbonate lenses are very durable. It’s possible that you could drop them, sit on them and bang them around (within reason) and they’ll still be intact. They don’t shatter like glass and unlike many regular plastic lenses, they respond well to stress.

What do I mean by “stress”? Let’s just say that polycarbonate lenses are always the lens of choice for children’s eyewear. They stand up to the bending, dropping and banging that is inevitable when you have a young child wearing eyeglasses.

This is the same reason why polycarbonate lenses are often used in safety glasses and sports eyewear, including goggles and SCUBA masks. You want this type of eyewear to be able to take a few hits and drops and still stay together.

2. Lightweight Lenses

Polycarbonate lenses are also lightweight. So lightweight that even if you have a prescription that requires your lenses to be a little thicker, you can still comfortably wear your glasses. They feel much lighter on our face than a regular high-index plastic lens.

If you wear your glasses for long periods and they start to hurt your nose or ears, they’re probably pretty heavy! Try a new pair with some polycarbonate lenses and experience the difference!

3. UV Protection

Did you know that polycarbonate lenses also have the ability to block 100% of UV rays from the sun? This quality makes them an obvious choice for sunglasses and sports glasses, including ski or surf goggles. Yet, they aren’t that much more expensive than other standard lens choices.

You CAN add UV coating to other lens types, but why would you need to if polycarbonate lenses have UV protection built in?

4. Affordability

If you are looking for a solid choice in a lens material and don’t want to spend a lot for high index lenses, polycarbonate is the best choice for you. They are very affordable, and thanks to their durability mentioned above, they should last until you are ready to update your prescription again. They also have great visual clarity and you’ll be happy with how clear the world looks once you look through your prescription polycarbonate lenses.

Ask your Eyeglass World optician to show you some samples of polycarbonate lenses so you can experience the difference for yourself!