Real Men Wear Boxy Shorts

Turns out, I have a very stylish eight year old. Not on purpose, of course. It just so happens that he doesn’t like anything with a slim fit and is a little short for his age so his shorts brush the tops of his knees. And, this just so happens to be the hottest look for spring: boxy shorts.

So, gentlemen, ditch your skinny everything. Say adios to your slim fit shorts and check into this latest, and dare I say, more comfortable, look. Boxy shorts, if you aren’t familiar with them, look a whole lot like they sound. They are cut wide and usually fall right above the top of the knee, creating the illusion of a giant box over the thighs.

Note: I have seen some runway fashions showing men wearing boxy shorts that hit mid-shin. But, I’m praying this “capris for men” look is just exaggerated for the sake of the fashion shows and no man will really sport that length of shorts this season. It isn’t pretty.

Once you choose your favorite pair of boxy shorts, you can combine it with a cool matching blazer or a coordinating t-shirt. Or, you can create a cool look by choosing to layer a contrasting t-shirt under a matching jacket. Remember, this circa 1980 look that the boxy style embodies is all about a bulkier look. Shoulder pads and generously cut fabrics on top will help balance out the wider cut of what you have on the bottom. If you try to pair your slim t-shirt with these shorts, you will look out of proportion!

I’d say this same rule applies to accessorizing your boxy shorts. You certainly don’t want to choose small and slim accessories to coordinate with this look. For this reason, I’d choose fashion eyeglasses that are bold in their size and that make a statement. Eyeglass World has a great selection of this type of men’s designer eyeglass frame at incredibly low prices.

Here are a few of my favorite men’s glasses looks that would coordinate well with this season’s hottest styles.

This classic black, geek chic look made by 7 for All Mankind would look smashing with some gray boxy shorts and a matching blazer.

7 For All Mankind 761 Glasses in Black

Can’t pull off black glasses frames? Try this hot look from Argyleculture in brown. The perfect way to pull together a pair of khaki boxy shorts and an oversized navy t-shirt.
ARGYLECULTURE Joplin Glasses in Brown

Try these frames on virtually at home, or head into your closest Eyeglass World and browse all of the latest designer men’s eyeglass frames!