Seven Ways to Celebrate Read a Book Day

readabookday_imageryOn September 6, we’ll celebrate National Read a Book Day, a day devoted to readers of every level. Whether you’re a bibliophile or an early reader, your friends at Eyeglass World want to help you celebrate. Here are seven ways to celebrate Read a Book Day!

Start a book club

What’s even better than reading a book alone? Reading a book with friends! Book clubs are a great way to make new friends and dig into new concepts. It can also hold you accountable to finishing that book you started months ago. Find like-minded bookworms through Facebook, meetup groups online, or your coworkers.

Re-read your favorite book

Although new books are fun to dig into, revisiting an old favorite can prove to be a real treat. Perhaps it’s a classic middle school read, or a book that shaped you as an adult in your college years. Find that old favorite at a bookstore or online and set aside time on this day to take a mental journey back to the time in your life when you first read the book.

Have a library or bookstore field trip

Plan a visit to the fanciest bookstore or library in your town and read until your heart’s content or do a bookstore crawl by visiting as many booksellers as you can in one day. Talk to the local owners about what their favorite books are and pick up a few bargain books that has been sitting on your reading list.

Do a book exchange

Ask a friend to exchange books with you, so you’ll both have something new to read. Make sure you discuss ahead of time which books you’ll be trading so you know for certain that you’re each getting a brand new read!

Set up your own reading lounge

Create a cozy reading spot in your place, including floor pillows, natural light, a blanket, your stylish reading glasses and a place to set your cup of coffee. This will make it easy for you to get lost in a new book and a place for you to feel more zen.

Donate books to someone in need

If you’re an avid reader, chances are that you have a pile of books that you’ve already read and could give away. Collect those books for a charity that creates libraries or gives away books to those who can’t afford to buy them. Your local thrift store probably accepts book donations, if you can’t find a charity to take them for you.

Start writing your memoir

Lots of people have a “book within them.” If you’ve always dreamed of writing a book, this is the perfect day to start your memoir. Start with an outline and keep a folder of ideas to inspire your writing as you go.

How will you celebrate National Book Day?