Randy Jackson Men’s Eyewear vs TapouT Men’s Frames

Gentlemen, if you are in the market for a brand new, stylish men’s eyeglass frame than I have two great brands for you to consider: Randy Jackson and Tapout.

While both labels feature modern styling and standout looks and even more dynamic prices, there is a distinction to each brand. You really can’t go wrong with either look. In fact, since Eyeglass World has such unbeatable prices on eyeglass frames, you may want to just get one of each.

Randy Jackson’s designs carry a bit of urban sophistication. These are men’s eyeglass frames that would look spectacular with a suit or any stylish business casual ensemble. Many of Jackson’s frames feature a rectangular shaped eye, which means they’ll look great on a man with a longer face or a square jaw line. Even men with rounder shaped faces will look great sporting this look, too.  Here’s one of my favorite classic frames by Randy Jackson called RJ3008 in black crystal:

Randy Jackson Black Eyeglasses for Men

Tapout’s answer to the solid black, rectangular eye-shaped frame is this one, called Tap 811. What you’ll notice first about this frame is the duotone contrasting red color on the inside of the frame. If you are a guy who likes to make a statement and enjoys being a bit of a non-conformist, than this look may serve you well. The great thing about a classic frame like this though is that it’s edgy without being too over-the-top. Anyone from a top business executive to the recent college grad hoping to land his first job in the big city could wear a frame like this with great success.

TapouT Black Glasses for Men

Randy Jackson eyewear doesn’t like to be threatened in the category of cool though. That’s why if you are looking for an edgier frame with a lot of style and sophistication, you may want to try on RJ 1003 for size. The sleek look and design of the crystal temples with black stripes, along with the duotone color on the front make this a truly unique eyeglass frame that will get noticed!

Men's Black and White Eyeglasses by Randy Jackson

Tapout’s answer to the gunmetal colored frame is this one, called Tap 803. I really like the simplicity and design of this frame. Tapout brand, of course, being the choice of men who love the mixed martial arts, this frame screams to me a sort of Clark Kent turned Superman vibe. Like the man wearing this unassuming glasses frame is ready to hop into the octagon for the fight as soon as he removes his cool specs.

TapouT Gunmetal Glasses for Men

Check out the full selection of these two fantastic brands of men’s eyewear at your closest Eyeglass World!