Prescription Sunglasses

I cannot make a big enough push for prescription sunglasses.

And the thing is, don’t tell, but I am one of those 85% that buy non-prescription sunglasses. I love my designer sunglasses! Ray-Ban®, Dior™, Vogue™…if it’s been on a runway, I must have it!

Here’s the problem. I am also blind as a bat.

Which, if you’d look at my eyeglass wardrobe, you’d think is great. And it is! I have my geek chic wear, my professional, “I mean business” specs, my nude cat eye frames (that I love!), and many many more! I actually look forward to planning my outfit around my accessories, because the choices are unlimited.

After choosing the perfect eyeglasses for that day (and my outfit), I get into my car.

I start up the engine, back out of my spot, and at the first turn around the corner…there it is. Like an unexpected run in with your ex-lover, the sun just jumps out from behind the trees, directly in my line of vision. All of a sudden, I am scrounging to cover my eyes, unsure of which way to look, pulling down the sun shade while trying to shield myself from this early morning assault, all while maintaining control of my vehicle, of course.

And in that moment, I am faced with a decision and which is ultimately followed by regret.

Do I decide to be that girl that shamelessly puts her sunglasses over her optical glasses? Or do I just continue to battle being blinded by the sun? Nobody wants to be that girl wearing two pairs of glasses at once, stacked on top of each other. Not only is it not comfortable, but it’s also not the most flattering look. It would also stretch my beautiful designer shades. So, inevitably, I am stuck continuing to shield my eyes manually, while driving down the interstate, alternating arms to protect my eyes.

Then came the regret.

I buy my sunglasses from Eyeglass World – an optical store.  They can turn any of my non-prescription sunglasses into prescription sunglasses.

Obviously when I saw those Ray-Ban® displays, I wanted to take them home instantly, but had I just waited a few days to have my prescription filled lenses, so I wouldn’t look like I was driving uncomfortably while awkwardly saluting fellow drivers as I pass.

That’s just not cute. And kind of weird, really.

I would much rather temporarily trade in my cute optical prescription glasses for equally cute prescription designer sunglasses. This way I could keep both hands on the wheel while singing the new Adele album out at the top of my lungs, and while wondering if I have enough time to stop and get my low fat double pump latte.  All while having the satisfaction of knowing that I came face to face with the sun today, and I won.

Lesson learned.

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