Sunglasses From Eyeglass World Make the Perfect Holiday Gift

Sometimes women can be hard to buy for. Having been married for more than a decade now, I find it equally as difficult to choose gifts for men. What does he need that he hasn’t already bought for himself? What could I buy him that’s personal but not utilitarian? (I refuse to give socks!) Last year, I found the perfect holiday gift, and this year I’m going to repeat it. I bought him a new pair of Oakley sunglasses!

The Perfect Holiday Gift

His Oakley’s still look great. He may not “think” he needs a new pair, but he certainly needed new sunglasses last year. His old lenses were so scratched because he doesn’t believe in glasses cases!

This year I’ll buy him a pair to keep in his truck. He tends to wear sunglasses inside and then forget to put them back on when he walks out the door. To solve that problem, I’m going to get him a pair designated for the cool little eyeglass holder in his truck. That way, every time he goes somewhere, he’ll have his sunglasses available. Even if he leaves his other pair at home, the office, or somewhere else, he’ll have a spare.

Let’s face it, we all could use a spare pair, right?

I’m pretty excited about this gift. I’ve chosen this pair for him this year:

Oakley Holbrook sunglasses

Last year I purchased him a pair more like this:

Oakley Fives Squared Polarized SunglassesYou can’t beat the quality of these Oakley sunglass lenses. The visual experience through their special lens technology is amazing. My husband likes to golf and exercise outside, so these are perfect for his active lifestyle.

Sunglasses from Eyeglass World

These sunglasses have something called “plan-o” lenses in them. In other words, they come without a prescription. Anyone can purchase our designer, top-quality fashion sunglasses. They don’t have to come in and get an exam or get a prescription. You simply come choose the frame you think they’d like and wrap it up. Easy as that.

Did I mention the price? I can’t go breaking the bank on any one Christmas present, so I’m buying these new sunglasses from Eyeglass World.

While I’m at Eyeglass World, I might look and see if they have any new sunglasses for me! It’d be a shame to let all those 2-pair prices go to waste. I’m dreaming about putting a pair like this in my own stocking. Check out the gorgeous details in this DKNY sunglass frame! The grey tortoise color is perfect for shielding my eyes in the winter months.

DKNY 4130 Sunglasses

This holiday season, check out the full selection of top brand sunglasses at incredibly low prices at the Eyeglass World near you.