3 Ways To Find Your Perfect Glasses Color

Colored eyeglasses are a MUST HAVE this season!  Gone are the days when you were limited to black or brown, gold or silver as you choose a brand new pair of designer specs.  Color is everywhere and you don’t have to be on the cutting edge of style or feel conspicuous wearing it.

I LOVE colored eyeglass frames because they add some “pop” to your look.  They make a brilliant and fun accessory and can really give you some added style and personality. The challenge for those of us used to only wearing traditionally-colored eyeglass frames is finding the right color!

Here are three ways to find your perfect glasses color:

1) Think about your hair and skin tone

You’ll want to figure out if you are cool or warm tone by looking at the underside of your wrist and by assessing your hair color.  Warm skin tones generally have a bit of a yellow cast to them. Warm hair color tones include auburns and reds, honey blondes, and many lighter or golden shades of brunette. Cooler tones will be are generally those with a bit of a pink tone to their skin and light blonde or dark brown and black hair colors.  Generally, stay in the same tone family when you choose an eyeglass frame.

For example, this frame for example would look awesome on someone with light blonde hair or dark brown hair and ivory white skin.

This frame features a bold red color and would look great on someone with a warmer hair and skin tone.

2) Think about your wardrobe

Purple glasses are beautiful, but if you don’t wear a lot of colors that match purple, they may ultimately cause you frustration in the morning.  Your glasses don’t have to match your clothing, but you’ll want to choose glasses in color that coordinate.  Colors like burgundy and navy are good choices because they are bold yet dark enough to act as neutrals and blend with most of your clothing color choices.  Also, consider what kind of jewelry you prefer.  If you wear a lot of gold, you may find that glasses in a warmer color family will look better than glasses in a cooler color.

3) Think about your personality

Your glasses communicate a lot about you. If you are a fun and freestyle type of girl, pick a fun color!  Colored glasses can be office appropriate, so don’t miss out on wearing them!  Here are two of my favorite colorful pairs that will look great with just about anything you choose to wear.

Can’t decide which color is best for your lifestyle? Find your perfect glasses color at Eyeglass World, where you get the option of getting two great pairs of designer glasses for one incredible price. Pick your two favorites, and you’ll always have a pair that coordinates!