Him vs. Her: Non-Prescription “Fashion” Glasses For Kids?


Do you have a boy in your home who wants to wear glasses “just like dad”? Or maybe a budding style star who thinks glasses will make every outfit more fun? Your child may want glasses, but do they really NEED them? If not, there are non-prescription fashion glasses that anyone can wear, but as a parent you may wonder – Is it safe for my child to wear “fake” non-prescription glasses?


Des and Erin from our team debated the pros and cons of this fashion statement for kids:

erin-head-sERIN: I think fashion glasses are a GREAT idea for a young girl or boy who wants a little more excitement when they get dressed in the morning!


Des_Headshot-sDES: I, of course, disagree. It would be best for kids to wait until they’re older and their eyes are more developed before they start wearing non-prescription glasses.


erin-head-sERIN: No one should ever wear fashion glasses without getting a comprehensive eye exam from an optometrist first. The safest thing to do for your child’s eye health is to make sure he or she doesn’t actually need an eyeglasses prescription, even if it’s a small one to help her read or see the board in class. Making sure that there’s no need for true prescription glasses before purchasing fashion glasses is a MUST.


Des_Headshot-sDES: We can at least agree on that. What’s really important to know is that kids should really be wearing sunglasses instead of non-prescription glasses. Some studies have said that almost half of UV exposure in our lives happens before we’re 18. Keep that in mind and remember that wearing inexpensive fashion glasses may eventually end up causing your child to NEED a pair of prescription frames in the future if they’re straining to see through the lenses.


erin-head-sERIN: That can definitely be avoided as long as your purchase quality eyewear. The best thing you can do is to take them to a reputable vision center and retail store, like your closest Eyeglass World. There they can choose from great styles they’ll love with plain lenses that are high ophthalmic quality, durable and clear.


Des_Headshot-sDES: Fashion glasses should definitely never be purchased from department stores or drug stores. Cheap plastic lenses are typically more difficult to see through and the cheaper the lenses, the more likely they are to collect and show dirt, scratches and wear. After a month or so of wearing glasses, your child will have to strain to see through them. No matter what kind of glasses they’re wearing, kid’s should ALWAYS have polycarbonate lenses that are impact-resistant and help protect their developing eyes.


erin-head-sERIN: Another great thing is that wearing fashion glasses doesn’t have to be expensive. Your fashion-conscious children can choose two pairs of name brand eyeglasses at Eyeglass World for one low price. Then you end up with 2 pairs, just in case!


Des_Headshot-sDES: Buying fashion glasses causes you to spend money on non-prescription glasses when your child may eventually need true prescription lenses. The idea of saving for the future might keep your children out of fashion glasses, but it will keep more money in your wallet.


erin-head-sERIN: Fashion glasses are all about expressing your sense of style, and if you have a tough time getting kids dressed in the morning, two pairs of fashion glasses might make the struggle just a little bit easier!