Four Things To Never Wear To The Office (And One You Always Should)

We’ve all seen it. You head into the office one morning and find a co-worker dressed like she’s ready to go clubbing. Sure, she looks good, but it’s definitely the wrong “good” for the office environment.

So how do you decide what’s “office appropriate”?

There are many people who don’t know the rules of workplace fashion, but I’m here to help you out. Here are four things you should never wear to the office. And, one fashion staple that you should always have at the ready, or at least in your desk!

1. Never Wear: Strapless, Halter, or Tube Tops
Maybe it’s hot outside, or maybe it’s even hot inside. But it’s just not professional to have your shoulders that exposed in the office. If your favorite pieces are strapless, then, at a minimum, pair them with a blazer, sweater or jacket and plan on keeping that cover on the whole time you are at work. Save the bare shoulders for your next cruise.

2. Never Wear: Yoga Pants
It may be convenient to don yoga pants before work, especially if you plan to head to the gym afterwards. For the sake of your career, please take the extra five seconds and put on real pants. You can change into the comfier yoga pants when you get to the gym. Tight-fitting Lycra screams unprofessional and sloppy in the office setting. There’s nothing you can possibly pair with those yoga pants to make your outfit professional.

3. Never Wear: Mini Skirts
Minis are constantly revolving from fashion staples to fashion “faux pas.” Even if it’s “do” year for the short skirt, I encourage you to skip it when dressing for work. You work in an office, not a bar, so keep your skirt length to around the knee – no shorter than 1-1½ in. above your knees. If you’re over forty, keep it even closer to the knees to be safe.

4. Never Wear: Sweat Shirts
My office gets cold–like igloo cold, and yours may too. Instead of donning the hoodie with your favorite team’s logo or that sorority sweatshirt, think of pulling on a blazer or cardigan sweater. Buying one in a neutral color and keeping it in your office will make it easy to grab for days when the thermostat is turned down.

And, the one fashion item you MUST have for the office:

A great pair of eyeglasses! Even if you wear contacts, get a pair of fashion glasses to help with computer time or reading. If you don’t need glasses, get a pair with plain lenses just for effect. Studies show that women who wear glasses are perceived as smarter and more trustworthy. Keep those glasses in their case in your desk drawer and be ready to pull them out next time you need to close a big deal or ask for a raise.

Business Woman With Glasses

Don’t have a great pair of fashion eyeglasses? Then visit your closest Eyeglass World today and get that must-have in your office drawer!