Must Have Women’s Eyeglass Frames from BCBG

Looking for the latest look in fashion eyeglasses? Then you must see the brand new women’s frames from BCBG!

BCBG has long been more than just an acronym, but rather a synonym for dynamic fashion looks. Tunisian fashion designer Max Azria founded the brand in the late 1980s and has been producing top-quality contemporary apparel and accessories ever since. I love BCBG clothes, but to be honest sometimes the juniors-oriented fit doesn’t work out that great on my now-forty-something physique.

But fashionable eyeglass frames with a youthful style? Those will fit me just fine.

Take this first frame for example. It’s a little on the slim side, but since it’s for my face and not my thighs, I think we’ll get along just great. I absolutely love how edgy and different it is with the blue and the tan kind of fading into each other. Or the other color option has light pink and tortoise combined in a really interesting and unexpected way. It’s not a duotone look; it’s much more modern than that. It screams expensive designer eyeglass frame, and yet it’s available at a completely affordable price at Eyeglass World.

BCBG Julietta Blue Tan BCBG Julietta Blush


Then there’s this BCBG designer eyeglass frame called Minerva. I like the brown version of this one. Again, it’s a little on the small side, but I think anyone of any age with a relatively smaller head could get away with it. Of course, it could just be the perfect pair of eyeglass for anyone from a college girl to a stay-at-home mom.

BCBG Minerva Brown


The other BCBG fashion eyeglass frame I couldn’t help but notice is one called Eden. Like its sisters in the collection, it’s on the smaller side, but it’s got a great lens shape. The feather printed on the arms is fun and youthful while still being subtle enough for everyday wear. Whenever designers keep the front of the frame one solid color and then throw in a pretty accent color on the temples, I think that’s a win.

BCBG Eden Black



Not sure which of these BCBG frames would look best on you? Check them out at your closest Eyeglass World today. And don’t worry if you can’t just pick one that you like best. Every fashionable girl knows that you need at least two pairs of stylish eyeglasses ineye your accessories collection. That’s why Eyeglass World makes it easy and affordable for you to buy two at the same time!