Move Over Bikini: One Piece Swimsuits are Back!

Some top fashion magazines have named this the summer of the one-piece bathing suit. Bikinis and their cousins, tankinis, are being replaced this season with some high fashion and attention-getting one-piece options.

Now, don’t get me wrong, if you were looking for a one-piece swimsuit to cover up some of what you may not want the world to notice, then these suits may not be for you. Some of this season’s one-piece swimwear is what I would qualify as, “barely there.” But, since, technically, the suits are attached from the bottom to the neck, they qualify as just one piece.

I’ve seen some intriguing styles with cut out waists. There are plunging necklines that may go deeper than an Olympic diver’s swimming pool. I’ve also noticed some cute vintage styles. Gingham prints, little skirts, and even pleated fabric are features on some of the most modern pool-ready garb.

One of the keys to wearing a one-piece suit successfully is paying attention to the fabric. I’ve noticed that designers are helping their customers out by using bold patterns in strategic places to help the one-piece suit be more flattering on body shapes that are usually not accentuated by the single piece’s monotone look from chest to legs.  Of course, manufacturers are also helping women everywhere by continuing to find and use thicker, lycra-family, fabrics that can help add the appearance of firmness around the midsection.

Perhaps the most unusual trend I’ve noticed in the single piece swimsuit is the high neck trend. As someone who gets hot easily, I don’t think I’d be into this (or the very odd tan lines it would create!). But, I’ve noticed a few of these high-necked suits in fashion magazines. So, I guess someone out there thinks they will sell.

Of course, the best accessory for a great one-piece fashion swimsuit is a pair of designer sunglasses. If you are going to go to all of the trouble to make sure your suit is keeping up with the latest style, then you should do the same for your sunglasses! After all, they’ll be with you all summer (and all year) long and can be worn daily (can’t same the same for that retro swim dress you are about to invest in.)

My two favorite pairs of sunglasses are below. (Both are by Vera Bradley because I’m loving her sunglass looks this season.) After you find your perfect swimsuit, head to your closest Eyeglass World and find your perfect sunglasses to match!

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