Men’s Lucky Brand Frames from Eyeglass World

men's lucky brand

Shop these men’s Lucky Brand frames at Eyeglass World and on Polyvore!

men's Lucky brand FolkloreLucky Folklore This frame is classic with a twist. The color is a great neutral that will complement anyone’s skin tone, but the transparency adds a bit of playfulness and takes this frame to the next level!


men's Lucky Brand StealieLucky Stealie The Lucky Stealie frame is something different that will add personality to any wardrobe. The green temples compliment the tortoiseshell browline and make a statement.

men's Lucky brand RigbyLucky Rigby Lucky Rigby’s color is what we love most! If you have green or blue eyes, these green frames will definitely make them pop! The classic shape will complement most face shapes.

men's Lucky brand EmeryLucky Emery The strong browline of the Lucky Emery will give you a distinguished look. Whether you’re wearing them for fun on the weekends or in the classroom during the week, this frame makes an impact with it’s bold black shape.

men's Lucky Brand 300Lucky 300 Looking for something more lightweight and simple? The Lucky 300 frame is a perfect neutral that will blend and not make such a powerful statement as some of the other Lucky Brand frames. If you’d like a pair of glasses that can fade into the background so people will see YOU, and not the frames, choose the Lucky 300!