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Fashion Eyeglasses Aren’t Just a Girl Thing

Most people often correlate fashion to a “woman thing.” But in this day and age, that may be the furthest thing from the truth.

Men are becoming a vital part of the fashion industry. More and more men are dressing trendier and actually following fashion! (Check: Gilt’s Men section, if you don’t believe me.) Men are opting for more tailored suits, classic cardigans, prints and even stylish sports coats. But these men aren’t leaving a leaf unturned. Men are also stepping up their game in the one fashion department you’d never think: accessories.

Did you know that according to Jobson Optical Research, men purchase more sunglasses than women? Even when it comes to optical eyewear, men are twice as likely to keep at least two pairs of glasses in regular rotation.

Men, despite what they want you to think, care about how they look. It doesn’t matter if he’s playing sports, or taking his girl for a night out on the town, men are much more conscious with fine tuning their outfit with a pair of specs- the right pair of specs.

Here Are Some Top Trends in Men’s Eyewear:

1)      Geek Chic Eyeglasses

We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again…it is chic to be geek. These bold frames exude both confidence and style. Whether you’re wearing them to the office or just enjoying coffee at your local café, nothing says sexy like a little geek in your chic.

2)     Vintage Eyewear

You know what they say about history repeating itself? So does fashion. Vintage glasses are making a comeback. Frames, particularly designs influenced by the 1950s, can be seen on most fashion forward men.

3)     Designer Eyewear is All About…Design

Beauty lies in the details. Men, unlike women, are confined to a few accessories to keep the “classic” look in place. Therefore, you’ve got to make it count. Glasses with detailed side pieces, or the arms of the frames, make your frames distinctive while showing off your eye for detail.

4)     Earth Toned Eye Wear

Warm, earthy tones are becoming increasingly popular. Versatile colors, such as amber, beige, and deep orange, add a new dynamic to your look. Simply by wearing frames that aren’t classic black, you can add an effortless depth value.

5)     Aviator™ Sunglasses Are Taking Flight

As far as sunglasses go, Aviators™ have been and continue to be top dog.  Ray-Ban® Aviators™ are our favorite accessory for men. Pair it with jeans and a great military jacket or with your favorite suit, these glasses flatter most face types and seamlessly add a sexy, edgy appeal.

Men, as much as they hate shopping, LOVE looking good. Who doesn’t? And because men can only accessorize so much, you’ve got to make those accessories (especially accessories that you wear on your face – like eyeglasses) count.

Visit your local Eyeglass World, and explore a new world of fashion opportunity. Whether you want to experiment with new looks, like the bold geek chic, or stick to a more conservative yet stylish frame, or are looking for right pair of Aviators™, we have associates waiting to help you.

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