Celebrities Get Eye Infections, Too

What do you do when you’re a celebrity judge on a popular prime time television show and you have a bad eye infection?

You could maybe call in sick for work… but the show is live and needs all the judges. You could cover your eye with something (eye patch anyone?), but that would be even more conspicuous.

If you’re Mel B, celebrity judge on the America’s Got Talent TV show, you find a super glamorous pair of designer sunglasses, and say…

The show must go on!

Melanie Brown, better known as Mel B, from the Spice Girls, ended up with a nasty, red, puffy, and swollen eye the same day she was supposed to judge the America’s Got Talent semi-finals live show. She posted a picture of her eye on Instagram and asked her followers if they had any suggestions for her. “Glasses, eye patch?” she wrote.

I’m glad she didn’t go for the pirate look on the show. Instead, she wore a great pair of square-lensed fashion sunglass frames. The frame had a giant eye size, which was perfect because it covered her entire infected eye! Her frames had a rose colored tint, but were very similar to this Coppertone frame:

What to do?

As any eye infection sufferer will admit, the outward signs of infection rarely disappear in a day. On Day 2 of the America’s Got Talent results show, Mel B. had donned a different pair of shades. They were lighter with a yellow tint, but still large enough to hide a portion of her face. The lenses did allow us to actually see Mel’s eyes, which were make-up free (as they should have been while recovering from an eye infection).

You might know that Mel B. reportedly had another must-have accessory while on-set with an eye infection…her bottle of Purell hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer and good hand washing habits are some of the most important ways you can aid the healing of eye infections. Mel could have easily spread her infection to her fellow guest judges if she’d rubbed her eyes and touched any pens or cups on the judges’ table.

The best solution

Most doctors would agree that because eye infections can be contagious, you should stay home until your symptoms clear. However, if you happen to have an infection strike the same day you have some place important to be, then be prepared with a great pair of designer eyeglasses from Eyeglass World.

Disclaimer: Reference above to Melanie Brown is for purposes of an actual example of the situation described and does not constitute or imply an endorsement of Eyeglass World or its eyewear or of Purell hand sanitizer.