Make a Fashion Statement With Special Effects Contact Lenses


10.7.14 Gothika LensesAre you wondering what you’ll pull together for this year’s Halloween ensemble? Maybe you’ve thought about a costume or a mask, but have you considered what your eyes will be wearing?

If you are really looking to make a fashion statement this October, then allow me to recommend that you worry less about your outfit and consider getting a pair or two of special effects contact lenses. In fact, with the right pair of contacts, your need to stress over that office appropriate Halloween costume could be completely negated.

Eyeglass World Now Offers Special Effects Contact Lenses

These lenses can make your eyes set the tone for whatever type of Trick-or-Treat day look you prefer. You can choose scary eye looks that are sure to keep everyone on their toes. Or, you can choose more mysterious and less evil looks, like that of a Cheshire Cat or an angel, that will be big attention grabbers.

Some of my favorite looks include “bronze goddess” the “rave” color collection that shows up under a black light. (I’m not really a “rave” kind of girl, but I can tell you that my black light spin class will be surprised to see my eyes light up in bright pink this October!)

Scarier Looks are Available

Frightening people isn’t really my style, but if it’s yours, there are many theatrical quality lens looks available. In fact, many of the same scary eye effects that you’ve seen in movies–be it zombies, werewolves, ghosts, or vampires, are available in this contact lens line.

Most of these looks include opaque lenses, so if your eyes are darker, they should cover your color completely so the effect is very dramatic.

Special effects lenses can be ordered in your prescription or without any prescription in them at all (plane-o). But, either way, you must order these special effects lenses through a licensed optical practice. Buying them in the middle of the mall or second hand from another non-optical practice is a good way to damage or lose your vision permanently.

Once you have your prescription though, or if you’ve already seen your optometrist this year, it’s super easy to order these contacts right on line and have them delivered to your home. Check out the full selection of special effects contact lenses on the Eyeglass World website.