Keeping Up With The Kardashian Eyeglass “Kollection”

Stand-outs of the Kardashian Kollection

If you have a hard enough time keeping up with the Kardashians, I’m going to make this a little easier by showing you some of the hottest fashion eyeglass frames from the Kardashian Kollection – the sisters’ own line.

Though the sisters themselves look fabulous in all of their designer frames, I can assure you that they’ve created enough variety in both styles and colors that their frames look good on just about any woman.

What you won’t get with frames from the Kardashian Kollection is boring glasses. Every one of these frames has its own sparkle and pizzazz–sometimes in ways you won’t expect or notice until you try them on!

Kardashian Kollection 39

Let’s start simple…this is one of those frames that looks like your basic black, retro throwback. Once you take a closer look, you notice these fabulous little specs of color throughout the frame and the earpieces. It’s vintage style with a little spark of modern flair.

Kardashian Kollection 17

Looking for a fabulous, stand-out-from-the-crowd modern look? Check out number 17 in tortoise and green or in black. The glamorous front of this frame features dynamic color with a bit of a retro feel. It’s big, it’s bright, and it’s going to make a statement. (Don’t forget to notice the stylish metal temples. Beautiful!)

Kardashian Kollection 34

Do you know what I love most about the Kardashian Kollection eyeglass frames? They are completely unique. This frame is a play on a vintage classic – the cat eye. Using the typical over-sized brow and eye piece, this frame has included a slim metal rim on the bottom of the frame. So, so pretty. This frame is sure to be a show stopper.

Kardashian Kollection 8

Where else but the Kardashian Kollection would you find zebra print on an eyeglass frame? You’ll love the way this frame looks like a standard black style from the front, but then surprises you (in typical Kardashian fashion) with the zebra print earpieces. You’ll really want to try this one on!

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