It’s Not Black & White – It’s Gray!

Box up your browns and shift your camels to the back of the closet.  There is nothing uncertain about this season’s new neutral.  Gray is here and it’s glamorous!

All shades of gray are what will be hot and showing up everywhere very soon.  From steel to slate, pale grays, antique white, and even heather-woven shades, pick your favorite and match it with, well…just about anything.

What’s so great about shades of gray (there are potentially more than 50 of them, by the way)…is that the shade can be as muted or as played up as you need it to be.

Want to make a statement with your gray? Choose a bright silver-toned dress and match with red accessories or a splash of emerald from last season.

Need your gray not to take a starring role?  Then pair some cute slate skinnies with a black and white blouse.  Or, purchase what is said to be this season’s must have wardrobe staple -a gray cotton- and wear it with just about anything in your closet: a denim jacket, white blazer, pale pink cardigan, or a hot black leather motorcycle jacket!

I’ll admit I saw this trend coming.  Browns have been getting sidelined as gray tones have taken the spotlight in hot home decor for the past few years.  It was only a matter of time before people started replacing their khaki’s for gray denim!

For those of us who wear and love glasses, a gray trend leaves a lot of room for fabulous accessorizing.  Although mixing metals is technically no longer a fashion faux pas, I suggest staying true to the silver and platinum tones if you choose a metal frame to coordinate with a gorgeous gray look.

If plastic frames are more your style, I’d recommend saving your tortoise shell and other warmer tones for the next season…they’ll come around again. But, this Fall, focus on either bold color, black and white combinations or straight-up gray-scaled designer frames for this season.

My favorite fashion frame if you are ready to go gray is this one, by LA Ink.

This frame has it all: a hot rectangular design with just enough interest to it to make it a reasonable choice for just about any face shape and, temples that are a bold black and white design with a little speck of gold to add some contrast and interest.  This frame is it if you are ready to embrace the gray!

LA Ink Gray Glasses

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