Introducing Mr. World from Eyeglass World

Introducing Mr. WorldNow introducing Mr. World from Eyeglass World. He’s not a celebrity per se, but between his debonair sense of style and his affinity for globetrotting, you’ll likely mistake him for one.

With his stylish black suit and his fashionable eyeglass frames, Mr. World likes to show why shopping at Eyeglass World is the ‘world’s best way to buy glasses.’

Though he’s the new guy around here, Mr. World’s life has been one of adventure. From bullfights to jet flights, Mr. World’s a guy who knows where to find adventure. If you’re wondering where he developed his sense of style, that’s an easy one. Mr. World has been a part of the fashion scene, attending some of the hippest fashion shows on the planet. Mr. World is truly a renaissance man, but his new mission is to let everyone know what a great experience he had purchasing eyeglasses at Eyeglass World.

Introducing Our Newest Commercials

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