Him vs. Her: How Should You Style Vintage Frames?


There’s no question about it: vintage eyeglass styles are in. The vintage look has been around in the fashion world for a while, but the current state of optical affairs is trendy, vibrant, and vintage-inspired. Some looks are less obviously vintage, but they still pull from the classic styles we all associate with a different time, creating a truly unique look.

But how should you style your vintage frames?

Some people prefer to use them as a contrast to an ultra-modern look like a power suit or tapered pant, while others go all-out in the vintage department from head to toe. Our fashion experts Des and Erin have some opinions, and, as usual, they are quite different.

The question: How should you style your vintage-inspired eyeglass frames?

Des_Headshot-sDES: Vintage frames belong with vintage looks. I can get on board with contrast, but a pair of glasses that looks like it came straight out of the 1910s can throw off a sleek and modern look very fast.


erin-head-sERIN: I don’t think the vintage-modern contrast is an issue at all. I think it can add personality. I would focus more on color family and material when styling your frames.


Des_Headshot-sDES: I disagree. If you have a great vintage dress or other vintage accessories, then vintage-inspired frames can fit. But if the rest of your look is super modern or edgy, then vintage is not the way to go.


erin-head-sERIN: It absolutely can be. If your vintage inspired frame perfectly fits the color palette and style that you’re going for, then don’t let the decade in which that style gained popularity keep you for rocking it today. Plus, most “vintage” styles are update with matte finishes, bright colors, or fun patterns, which make them integrate more seamlessly with modern fashions.


Des_Headshot-sDES: If the vintage look has a modern twist, then I suppose it could go well with more modern fashions. But if your desire is to look sleek and fashion-forward, then more modern and innovative looks are the way to go.


Oy vey. Will these two ever agree? If you like the idea of a vintage-inspired eyeglass look, check out some of our recommendations below. And be sure to let us know in the comments who you agree with!

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