How to Rock Reading Glasses


Even if you don’t find yourself frequenting the local library, you probably spend more of your day reading than you’d care to admit.  How do I know? Well, let’s just say that I’ve seen you on Facebook.

Okay, not really. That would be creepy.

But, the truth is, we all spend a whole lot more time looking at small words on a page (or likely a screen) than the previous generation did. Remember, a mere decade ago our cell phones were only used for phone calls, and if you wanted a “tablet” you purchased a pad of lined paper!

This is why there is one fashion item that most of us could benefit from practically and aesthetically, and that is a few pairs of fashion reading glasses. These glasses are a dazzling accessory for your outfit, as well as a helpful tool in keeping your eyes happy while they read blog posts, status updates, and your favorite celeb’s insightful Tweets. Oh, and maybe do some work or read a book, of course.

But here’s the kicker.

I don’t want you to just go pick up any pair of readers that you like in your local department stores jewelry aisle.

That could really cause damage to your eyes. These reading glasses are not well made and have the same prescription in each eye, which may not be good for you! And if you already have an eyeglass prescription, these glasses aren’t made to be worn alone; they would need to be combined with your prescription, which is problematic.

So where should you get your reading glasses?

What I do want you to do is go to your closest Eyeglass World optometrist and tell him that you want to preserve your eyesight and look good doing it—and that’s why you’d like him to figure out your reading glasses prescription. In most cases, this will be a prescription that adds just a little magnification in order to minimize eyestrain and help you see the words on the screen or page just a little easier. The readers can even be included in your two pair deal.

Then, once you do that, it’s a fashion free-for-all at the Eyeglass World frames showroom! This is where the fun begins. You can find all kinds of fantastic reading glasses that match your personality and style and give your look a little pop!

Here are a few of my favorite frames that would make awesome reading glasses when filled with your prescription. Check them out, try them on with virtual try on, or visit your closest Eyeglass World and browse the selection for yourself!

7 For All Mankinf 753

Seven for All Mankind 753

Dereon 507 Purple

Dereon 507 in Purple

Vera Bradley VB 3001 Picadilly Plum

Vera Bradley Vb 3001 in Picadilly Plum