Hottest Men’s Eyeglasses Frame: My Summer Pick!

Looking for a men’s eyeglass frame that will look hotter than an Arizona day in July? Well, I’ve found it.

It was designed by Sean Combs (“Puff Daddy”) the rapper turned business mogul, who, as it turns out, has quite a flare for fashion.  This frame, Sean John 2023, comes in both black amber and dark tortoise. I can’t decide which color I like better  (which is one big reason why you’ll want to come to Eyeglass World to get yours then you can pick up both pairs for one low price…it’s buy one get one free really!)

Sean John 2023 Glasses

Sean John 2023 Glasses

Both of these frames are what some have referred to as “sexy sophistication.”  And, I couldn’t agree more.  Their trendy, color-fade style is a great look on men of all ages.  The first color combination fades from light amber to the darkest black, while the second color combination fades from tortoise shell to clear giving it the appearance of a semi-rimless frame.

The other thing you must know about this frame –something important to any man wearing it– is just how lightweight and sturdy it is.  In other words, this frame is going to be comfortable to wear.  Guys, I know how much you value comfort and durability and this designer frame will not let you down.  It’s high on style and function! You can’t say that about everything that’s high fashion…that’s for sure!

Sean John’s genius was in creating a frame that will look crazy cool with a pair of jeans but, at the same time, will look completely appropriate and serious enough for your most important business function.  His design has an edge, yes.  But, it’s not so far gone that you’d feel too conspicuously hip even in more conservative circles.  No, this frame is the kind of style that will look good on just about any face headed just about anywhere.

Don’t need two pairs of glasses right now but having the same difficulty picking your favorite color in this hot men’s frame?  Well, here’s another idea…turn the darker version (Sean John 2023 black amber) of this frame into a pair of sunglasses!  A pair of tinted sun lenses would look kind of cool with the color scheme of this frame. Or, you could go with Transitions lenses and just have them change tints when you are out in bright light.  Ask your optician at your closest Eyeglass World to explain all of your options to you when you go check out this frame…my pick for hottest men’s frame of the summer!