Him vs. Her: When it comes to eyewear, should you shop trendy or timeless?


When you’re┬ápurchasing new eyewear, it’s hard to decide what kind of frame will serve you well. For example, while thick hipster frames are in now and will make any outfit seem more trendy, a metal or rimless frame will work with just about everything you own and last you for years, even if it’s not quite as timely. So, trendy or timeless? Let’s ask the experts:

Des_Headshot-sDES: I say always go timeless. You don’t want to see the new trends a couple of months from now and realize that your glasses, an investment, no longer work with what’s hip. Find something that looks good with your complexion and facial features, not the latest fad. You will still be you after this year’s fall trends fade away.


erin-head-sERIN: I disagree. While there is a place for timeless eyewear, and everyone should have something to which neither grandma nor niece would object, there is also something to be said for feeling fashionable and on-trend. If you shop at a great value, there’s nothing stopping you from shopping trendy.


Des_Headshot-sDES: But glasses are an investment. Even if you’re shopping at a great value, you want to get as much mileage out of each pair as possible.


erin-head-sERIN: And you can if those frames are on-trend; that mileage just happens more quickly. You want a steady commuter car that will last through the years, and I want whatever will get me across the country best. My trendy frames will be more relevant now, even if yours will be relevant longer.


Des_Headshot-sDES: I’ll take timeless over trendy any day. Fads change too quickly, and I like to have eyewear that will still look good in two years with whatever is on-trend.


erin-head-sERIN: And I love the freedom to trend-hop that comes with shopping at a great value. And at that point, it’s easy to add a more timeless pair into the mix as a second, third, or even fourth pair!