Him vs. Her: Should you wear glasses with formalwear?


As the holidays fast approach, so do the beloved traditions of the holiday party. Whether you’re dressing to the nines or donning a Cosby-style sweater, you’ll need to see clearly. But especially for those facier suarees, should you include your glasses in your get-up? Our resident fashion experts Des and Erin weigh in.

erin-head-sERIN: I think it depends on your outfit. In other words, how formal are we talking? If you have on a cute little cocktail dress, some fun, punchy frames can add personality. But if you’re going black-tie, contacts may be a better bet.


Des_Headshot-sDES: I agree that it depends, but I think it’s more of an issue of who is wearing them. Men tend to be able to pull off eyeglasses better with formalwear, often because it’s not too far off from what they wear in a business setting. Ladies, on the other hand, tend to undergo a more drastic fashion transformation from business to formal, and eyewear choice should reflect that.


erin-head-sERIN: I couldn’t agree less. Women can pull off glasses just as well as men can in a formal setting, as long as they are an extension of the outfit. In the same way you carry a clutch instead of a briefcase, contacts would be a better choice than your all-business frames. But if you find a fun statement pair that adds drama or elegance or trendiness to your ensemble, wear them.


Des_Headshot-sDES: I disagree. Would you wear glasses on your wedding day?



erin-head-sERIN: Yes!



Des_Headshot-sDES: Well then, nevermind for you. But it’s a good rule of thumb for anyone else. If you wouldn’t wear your glasses on your wedding day, or if you would but your wedding day would be more casual than the event in question, contacts are the way to go. Photo ops are easier with contacts too, and if you really want to add to your outfit, consider colored contact lenses.