High-Waisted Bikinis And The Vintage Swimwear Trend

Looking for a cute new swimsuit for the rest of the summer? Then you may want to consider a vintage inspired high-waisted bikini.

Aside from looking incredibly stylish, the high-waisted bikini is great if your lower abdominal muscles aren’t your favorite body part to show to the world. If you’ve had a few children, as I have, and would rather your stretch marks and stretched skin stay covered, yet still prefer the two-piece look, then this type of bikini could be right up your fashion alley!

Recently I’ve seen some dynamic looks with navy and white striped, sailor looking bottoms and a cute colorful bikini tops. I’ve also seen some wilder looks: including a shiny green, mermaid look high-waisted bottom, and some belted looks.

The two-piece swimsuit fashion rule for the past few years has been one with much more freedom in terms of bottom and top coordination. You no longer have to have two pieces that are the same color or that even coordinate perfectly. Now, you can pair one solid colored bottom with a different solid colored top and no one will bat an eye at your choice.

So, when it comes to the high-waisted trend, this gives you a lot of fashion flexibility. You can choose a great fashion bottom and pair it with some of your older bikini or even tankini tops. You don’t have to buy a whole new swimsuit to update your look. Just purchase a new bottom that coordinates with some of your old looks.

With the money you save from not buying two new swimsuit pieces, you can head over to your closest Eyeglass World and get a new pair of designer sunglasses. Seriously, if you are still wearing your sunglasses from last summer, you may be dealing with scratched lenses from that time you threw them in the in the bottom of your beach bag or stretched out temples from the time those shades spent on the top of your head holding back your hair. It may be time for an update.

Sunglasses, Hat, and Flip Flops

A big, vintage-inspired sunglass frame from a great designer, like Vera Bradley, Guess, or even Ray-Ban would be the perfect accessory for your new high-waisted swimsuit. Choose a pair with large lenses and a pop of color for a more modern look.

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