How the High Contrast Setting Can Help You See Better

Every once and a while my husband needs to use my phone or computer. His first move when he looks at one of my screens is to adjust the brightness. He has “bat” vision and can see very well, no matter the conditions, but I need high contrast! It seems a lot of other people need that high contrast too.

What is high contrast? High contrast describes the distinction between two colors. It could be black and white, or even dark versus light of the same tone. For example, it’s easy to see black letters on a white back ground. If you try to distinguish gray letters on a white background, or even gray letters on a black background, it would be a lot more difficult.

The point is: the higher the contrast the easier it is to see well! For those of us with low vision (either vision that requires prescription lenses, eye diseases ranging from macular degeneration to glaucoma, or even cataracts), high contrast provides the extra boost of help we need to navigate the world.

Here’s how to add high contrast in your life if you suffer with low vision

Your computer

Did you know that Windows offers a high contrast setting? As mentioned above, you can always adjust your screen’s brightness on a smart phone, tablet or monitors ranging from your computer to your television. This will help with greater contrast. Finally, you may be interested in this high contrast keyboard that features black letters on yellow keys to make typing easier.

Your home

People with low vision will do better when objects are made to stand out. For example, if your walls are white, choose dark towels that stand out against the background so they can be spotted easier. If you have a hard time seeing, you may also want to choose dishware and glassware that are brighter in color and not clear or white. This way, when washing dishes or putting them away, it is easier to distinguish the shape to prevent breaks and spills.

Other ideas

Here’s some tips for ladies with low vision. Consider having a key chain and wallet in bright, high contrast colors. Then when you look inside your purse they’ll stand out easier. How’s your desk or nightstand organized? Consider putting down a white mat on the top of the surface so your items stand out and are easier to grab quickly. Choosing a case for your phone? Choose one that is bright and will stand out when placed on a surface or in your handbag.