Have Fedora Will Travel


I just got back from a cross-country trip where I kept seeing women in super cute fedora hats everywhere! I had seen them on celebrities in magazines and in the stores, but I’ll admit, this was the first time I had noticed a lot of men and women sporting them.

While traveling, I thought the women, especially, who chose to sport a fedora were a tad genius. Popping that boxy little top over their hair, no matter what shape it was in, seemed like a pretty smart and stylish idea to me. My own coif was suffering from the surprise rain shower that caught us the morning of our departure, so a fedora of my own would have come in quite handy.

Not only is the fedora hat practical, it also makes a fashion statement that announces, “I’m here and I want you to notice” in a relatively non-threatening way. Hats like the fedora grab your attention, but they don’t obnoxiously demand to keep it. They get you to look and then let you go back to whatever it is you were doing without being overly distracting like, say, a big, wide-rimmed yellow hat may be.

Any hat with an even crease down the center and a smaller brim around it is considered a fedora by most. Icons like Frank Sinatra made the hat a symbol of suave, but today’s hottest celebrities are still topping their great looks with a stylish fedora.

This season, some of the brims are a little wider than, say, Frank’s (or the own your grandfather wore). You may also find feathers, or other interesting embellishments on the side to give this year’s hats a bit of a modern twist on the vintage look.

Absolutely nothing looks cooler with a fedora than a fantastic pair of sunglasses. You don’t want a frame that is too loud or busy, that may compete with what the hat is contributing to your look. But, don’t be afraid to choose a large designer frame, either plastic or metal, that gives you the sun protection you need along with a bit of friendly mystery.

Three of my favorite name brand, sunglass frames that are completely affordable and would look fantastic with a fedora hat are listed and pictured below. Check out Eyeglass World’s full selection of sunglasses at amazing prices by clicking this link or visiting your closest retail store.

DKNY 4048 in Dark Tortoise

Women's DKNY Sunglasses in Tortoise

Ray-Ban 4101 in BlackWomen's Black Ray Ban Sunglassses

Ray-Ban 3386 in Shiny Gunblue

Ray Ban Gunmetal Blue Sunglasses