Gold and Silver: Fashion Do or Fashion Don’t?

I’ll be honest. I’m not a fan of mixed metals. I like to keep my gold with other gold and my silver and platinum pure. You’ll never find me pairing my gold wedding ring with a silver bangle bracelet. I guess I’m old fashioned.

It used to be the rule. You don’t mix your metals. Everyone knew that fashion law–like no white jeans after Labor Day. It was just understood. In fact, I remember being in an uncomfortable spot one day when I was dressed up to go somewhere and realized my favorite “going out” clutch purse had a touch of the wrong metal on it’s clasp. I carried it backwards all evening.

But, now, metals are hot and it seems that anything goes. If you want to wear a gold chain with a silver chain– go for it. No fashion policewoman is going to stop you for that this season. Mixing metals is in vogue. (Literally, it’s in Vogue).

Because of my coloring, I do prefer to wear gold over any of the other metallic colors. And, I’m delighted to see that gold accents are hot on everything from shoes, to belts, to embellished necklines and jewelry. Gold came back with the vintage 1980s styles and, interestingly enough, the price of this precious metal is on the rise too.

But, silver isn’t done with its moment in the spotlight. Most realize that no metal tone works better with many cool blues than silver does. Platinum rings tonally match well with other silver pieces or accents.

Some of the most interesting jewelry pieces I’ve seen in magazines mix gold, silver and even bronze. The charm bracelet and necklace look allows for an easy way to combine metals of all tones. Rope necklaces that weave several different colored metals together are also a way to get a variety of colors into your jewelry look.

I think the new fashion rule that makes mixed-metals a fashion “do” is great news for eyeglass wearers. There are some beautiful designer eyeglass frames that feature a metallic color that many women may be afraid to commit to because of a desire to wear another metal color in their jewelry. Now, that’s not a worry. Choose a great silver frame and wear those big gold earrings. Or, choose a dainty gold frame and don’t worry if your silver belt is just the right accent for that maxi dress.

Here are two of my favorite metallic frames, available at amazing prices, from Eyeglass World.

Gold Women's Glasses from Daisy Fuentes

Gunmetal Women's Glasses from SPADA