Four Women’s Frames for Fall from Eyeglass World

Spring-cleaning has made a name for itself, but there’s no time like the fall to find a fresh start. One habit I’ve created over the past several decades is to designate fall as my time for updates. For example, I’ll take this season to update any cosmetic products that may have been sitting around for too long. I’ll also look around my house and update rugs or remove accessories that seem to only collect dust.

Fall is also the time of year when I like to update my eyeglass look. I usually spend some time shopping for a few new items to add to my wardrobe and, while I’m out, I like to stop at my closest Eyeglass World and pick a few new frames to change up my look.

This fall I’ve got my eye on some gorgeous new eyeglass looks. Because there are so many great looks that I’m drawn to, I only shop at Eyeglass World. They know there’s no way I could only choose one new pair of eyeglasses. Eyeglass World offers me two fabulous designer eyeglass frames for just one, amazingly affordable, low price.

Here are my top picks for this season:

Women’s Frames for Fall: Pepe Jeans 3116 in Grape

Pepe Jeans 3116 Women's Frame

One hot trend you’ll notice in eyeglass frame looks is the placement of an accent color inside the lens or temple. This gives the eyeglass frame a look of illumination that will brighten up your face. This lovely frame from Pepe Jeans has some added flare at the rim that gives it a very modern shape that will look great on almost everyone. I love the contrasting tones, they brighten the look without being too harsh. These colors give the frame more polish than a conventional black plastic frame.


Women’s Frames for Fall: Sofia Vergara Jayda in Teal & Brown

Sofia Vergara Jayda

I’ve had a crush on the color teal since I first saw a Tiffany’s box. This frame features a tortoise brown gradient that fades to teal. It’s smart and chic and would look great with a business suit or a casual outfit.

Women’s Frames for Fall: Vera Bradley April in Rosy Posies


Vera Bradley April Women's GlassesLooking for a pop of color that’s dramatic but not overwhelming? Then check out this frame, April by Vera Bradley in Rosy Posies. Notice the deep red on the front and gorgeous Vera Bradley style flowers on the temples. It’s so feminine and beautiful; you’ll have to try it on!

Women’s Frames for Fall: Vera Bradley Bethany in African Violet

Vera Bradley Bethany Women's Glasses

My last frame pick is from Vera Bradley as well. The sculpted shape of the frame will look great on just about anyone. This frame features a dark top and light bottom that will light up your whole look. Then there are the temples. Wow! A classic Vera Bradley pattern will give any outfit a pop of style.

Check out the full selection of amazingly affordable designer eyeglass frames at Eyeglass World.