Four Ways Your Eyeglasses Make Getting Dressed Easier!

I was flipping through a popular women’s magazine at the dentist’s office when I noticed a super cool quote on one of the pages.  The picture under the quote was of a girl in a rather plain outfit who was sporting a pair of fashion eyeglass frames.  The words on the page captured my sentiment perfectly, “The right pair of glasses can make it look like you took a long time picking out your clothing!”

How right on is that? 

We all want to look like we took a long time coordinating the perfect fashion ensemble. But, let’s face facts…no one has time for that!  The alarm goes off and finding two pieces that match and don’t require me to plug in the iron is about all anyone should demand of me in the morningSo, if there is a simple and relatively inexpensive way for me to look like I spent hours the night before picking out my clothes.  I’m in!

Here are four ways that I think the right pairs of eyeglasses can make getting dressed a much easier process!

1. No need to fuss with over-the-top cosmetics.

Did you know that great eyeglasses will make your face look instantly dressed up?  No need to spend lots of time hiding those dark circles with concealer and magic lotions . . .  glasses will hide them too!

2. No need to frantically dig through a drawer full of necklaces and earrings.

A great pair of designer eyeglass frames will be able to stand alone as the only dynamic accessory you need.  Sure, if you want to pair a great necklace or headband with them, feel free. But, if you are in a rush, the bling from those gems on your temples can leave the impression that you were sparkling with accessories from the neck up!

3. No need to stress over added color.

Get yourself a pair of colorful glasses and let them do the talking!  When you don’t have the energy to add color to your outfit, go for the monochromatic look and let your glasses stand out!

4. No need to have every pair in place.

Sure, your glasses look great with your hair down and styled, but I love wearing my glasses as an excuse to pull my hair back. It seems that my easiest hairstyle is also one that looks especially good with my designer eyeglass frame. Win-win.

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