Four Hot Tips to Match Your Glasses to Your Hair Style

Have you ever noticed that sometimes once you put your glasses on your look seems to demand a different hairstyle? 

Sometimes it’s as simple as pulling your back and out of your face to allow your glasses to take center stage.  Other times, it seems more complex, like trying to figure out where your bangs should sit in relation to the top of your designer frame.

Today, I’m going to help you with four general tips for making your hairstyle and your glasses style look good together!

Tip 1:  Watch Your Width

The number one rule for making your fashion glasses work with your stylish do is to watch your width.  Are you wearing a cute chunky rectangular shaped frame in a dark color that adds the illusion of extra width? Then, avoid a really big hairstyle. Opt instead for a straight look or some side layers to avoid looking too wide!  Large frames can go well with big hair, but make sure their size is more equal in width and length.

Tip 2:  Bang it Out

Many women wonder if they can have bangs, especially long bangs, and still wear their glasses.  The answer is: definitely! Bangs, short or long can look super sexy with the right eyeglass frame.  It really comes down to what is comfortable for you.  Just beware! Sometimes bangs that sit under your glasses frame or are long and hang over the eyepiece of the frame may get caught in the screws where your glasses lenses meet the arm pieces.

Tip 3: Pull it Back

You are going to be hard pressed to find a pair of glasses that doesn’t look good with hair that is pulled back. The half-up and half-down hairstyle looks fantastic with most designer eyeglass frames– as does another one of this season’s hottest do’s– the bun.  (Picture Audrey Hepburn in her cat eye frames with her iconic bun.)  Messy or sleek, pony-tails, braids, and low buns also look fabulous with a great pair of fashion eyeglasses.

Tip 4:  Color Coordinate

Though most women will naturally gravitate towards colors and tones that look good with their skin and hair, it’s good to remember that cool color tones – like blacks and silvers may not look as good with warmer hair and skin tones.

For example, unless you are a hipster, warm hair colors (like auburn) will look best with tortoise shell or other warm toned frames, not a thick black frame.  The same applies to women with very dark black or brown hair, usually gold or light tan frames will not look as good with their hair as would a silver or another cool color.

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