How do I fix my glasses if they fall apart?

broken glasses that fall apartEven the highest quality eyeglass frames can fall apart every now and then. Loose screws, bent arm pieces, or a popped-out lens can happen to anyone, anywhere. Accidents happen, as they say. So what do you do? Do you drop everything and head to the optometrist’s office?If you have time, sure! Or, maybe not.

There are a few instances when you may be able to do some short-term repairs on your own. Other times, you’ll want to leave it to the professionals. Here’s what you should do in some common scenarios if your glasses fall apart.

Your Lens(es) Pop Out

First examine the lens or lenses to make sure they didn’t get scratched or damaged when they fell out. If the lens looks good, then carefully attempt to pop it back into the frame with a few exceptions.

For example, if you have a rimless or semi-rimless frame, getting the lens in will be very tricky and you could damage the frame if you try. You should let your optician do this. Also, if your frame is cracked or damaged, it won’t be possible to maneuver the lens in correctly.

If the frame and lens look good, determine the front- and back-side of your lens. Then carefully try to place the top part of the lens into the top of the frame, which will likely be the thickest part of the frame. Then try to pop the remainder of the lens into the bottom and sides of the frame.

You Have a Screw Loose (or lose one!)

Your local drug store likely carries a small case, about the size of a travel sewing kit, that contains a tiny screwdriver and screws that are just the right size to fit in the hinge between the temple (arm piece) and front of your glasses frame. If your problem is as simple as a loose or missing screw, often you can replace or simply tighten the screw and your glasses will be good as new. There’s no need to come in for a glasses repair unless the hinge part has been broken or the screw isn’t staying put. (In a pinch, you may be able to put a little clear nail polish on the screw to keep it in place.

You’ve Bent Your Temples (Arm pieces)

If your glasses are loose, falling down on your nose, or your frames have suffered an unfortunate accident where the temples bent, it’s best to have these types of repairs done by a professional. When the optician at your closest America’s Best adjusts your glasses, he or she uses a special method of heat to make the temples more malleable so they can be bent to adjust to your face. If you try to bend them without the appropriate heat, you could cause more damage to the frame. (Don’t try to heat them yourself either! This could cause more damage and will void your warranty!)