Five Frames that Would Make Cool Sunglasses for Kids

Did you know your children should wear sunglasses outside just as badly as you do? In fact, more than 1/2 of the damage done to one’s eyes by harmful UVA/UVB rays happens to us during childhood. Some of the reason behind that is that kids don’t often wear sunglasses. Or, if they do, they are wearing department store sunglasses that don’t feature ophthalmic quality lenses.

Now, if your kids are anything like mine, I know that they care very little about those words: ophthalmic quality. They care a whole lot more about what the frames actually look like and how comfortable they are to wear.

So, if you have a little fashionista or a fashion designer in the making, allow me to suggest to you five spectacular kids and youth eyeglass frames that could be turned into one, quality, and yet super stylish pair of kids’ sunglasses.

Here they are:

Ray-Ban 1528. So, Ray-Ban kind of wrote the book on sunglasses. This frame is no exception. Put a gray gradient sunglass lens in here and you’ll have a super cool look as the gray contrasts with the red and violet shades of this stylish, yet affordable frame.

Lucky Beach Trip in Brown. This is one of my favorite frames for a little girl that would make a beautiful pair of sunglasses with a brown gradient lens included. I mean, the frame is called beach trip — of course it would make for cute sunglasses!

Pivotal 601. If your fashionista likes to get a little funky, this frame would be an awesome pair to turn into sunglass lenses. Or, if she needs a prescription all day long to see, then order these in transitions lenses and have them turn dark when she’s out in the sun, but then lighten up when she’s inside reading.

Pivotal 702. Likewise your little cool guy may find this frame, when turned into sunglasses, to be the hippest one he’s ever seen. I mean, the blue color is just awesome and sure to get him noticed.

Skechers 1524 in purple. If she’s looking for the prettiest frame like ever, then this may be the one. This Skechers beauty would be gorgeous for an young girl. Hey, I may even see if they can make it in a mommy size, I love it that much!

Check out the full selection of fashionable kids eyeglass frames at and get your child some quality sunglasses today.