What It Should Feel Like When Your Glasses Truly Fit

What should it feel like when your glasses truly fit? In a word: Comfortable. Properly adjusted glasses that fit means no discomfort and you should feel good about wearing them.

Here are some things to check to make sure your glasses are fitting as comfortably as possible:


The arm pieces of your glasses (called the “temples”) should wrap snugly behind your ears. They may feel tight, but tightness doesn’t equal pain. They shouldn’t hurt to where you have to take them off to relieve the pain. An earpiece that fits correctly will only wrap around the top of your ear and hit at about the mid-way point behind your ear. Temples that wrap the entire ear will be uncomfortable in the long run. If this is the only way your frame fits, there’s a good chance you need a frame with shorter “arms.”


If your glasses’ earpieces dig into the side of your forehead or your temples, than they are too tight. Glasses that fit will sit slightly against your skin, but won’t leave a mark on the side of your forehead.


Do your glasses have nose pieces? If so, they should sit comfortably on either side of the nose and not slip down when one’s head nods. If the nose pads leave a mark or dig into the nose, they are too tight and need to be adjusted.

If your glasses do not have nose pads, the frame should still sit comfortably on the bridge of the nose. It should also be comfortable enough on the nose to not leave a mark where it sits. Most likely these will be plastic frames – if they don’t rest on the bridge of your nose, they need to be adjusted!


If your frame sits too tight against the apples of your cheeks when smiling, it may need to be adjusted to sit higher.


Your glasses should sit level on your face–they should be straight across your eyes horizontally. If your glasses are sitting crooked, it will be uncomfortable on your ears, nose, and face in general. Your glasses should also tilt slightly forward–where the bottom of the frame is just slightly closer to your face than the top of the eyeglass frame. If your glasses are sitting straight up and down on your face, you may find yourself having to move your head too much to see and may lead to neck issues.

If you aren’t comfortable in your current frame, go to your closest Eyeglass World and ask for an adjustment. If it’s time for a new pair, ask to check out their selection of designer eyeglass frames at incredibly low prices. The friendly opticians there will help you find a pair that fit you perfectly!