Faux Fur is the New Statement Necklace

Hot Trend for Winter: Faux Fur

One of the hottest trends for the winter season this year is faux fur. All the hottest coats are furry and fabulous!

Some experts say that fur is the statement jewelry of this winter. Don’t want to wear a fur coat? Then consider a fur stole – a giant scarf-like piece of fur to wrap around your neck, similar to a scarf. Ditch your over-sized necklace and finish your finest outfit this season with some fur draped around your shoulders.

There is a wide range of authentic-looking faux fur that comes in a variety of colors. Browns, grays, black or white can be simple and neutral, or you can experiment with wild prints and colors.

Fur offers a dressier fall and winter look than finishing an outfit with a traditional scarf or a plain wool jacket. But don’t let stop you from wearing your favorite fur piece with casual outfits, too. A huge benefit to wearing fur accessories is how warm it can be. Should you choose to purchase “faux” rather than real fur pieces, you’ll find it’s also very affordable.

One way to really make your fur piece pop is to pair it with glamorous glasses. Think Audrey Hepburn in a short brown stole over one of her signature little black dresses. A dramatic pair of cat eye glasses or perhaps a pair with a heavier brow piece would certainly make a statement. I picture her in a fabulous Armani sunglasses frame, like this one:

Armani sunglasses

Let’s say you go a little wild and choose a pink fur coat, or even a pink fur stole. This is the must-have frame to complement that look. One style with gorgeous coloring and sophistication is this BCBG frame called “Julietta.”

BCBG Julietta

Really loving that Audrey Hepburn look? Check out this cat eye frame from 7 for All Mankind. With these modern colors, and retro shape, you’ll love the way this frame looks with your hottest fur accessories.


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